Mediation of work

We offer mediation of work at very good job positions in many EU countries. We provide a carefree solution of accommodation abroad for you. Based on your experience and qualifications, we guarantee a very good salary rating. We will arrange and provide our own transport, which will take you to the place of destination.
Mediation of work for CompaniesMediation of work for Employees

Mediation of work for employees in all branches

Scope of aktivity:

Within the territory of The Czech Republic and within the territory of EU.

Subject of authorization:
The Czech Republic citizens, EU / EEA citizens, non-EU / EEA foreigners with a valid work visa.

Form of mediation:
Employing natural persons for the purpose of carrying out their work for the user, which means another legal or natural person who assigns and supervises the work.

Types of work (professions):
All kinds of work in all branches. Mainly jobs in construction, cleaning and auxiliary labour.


For COMPANIES we offer:

Do you need to fill vacancies in your projects quickly and efficiently? We offer you the immediate opportunity to approach and send our trained staff with the required qualifications for all positions you are looking for. Through our database of jobseekers and the follow-up training by our specialists, we can guarantee a quality labour force.


For  EMPLOYEES we offer:

Dear job seekers, if you are interested in working positions, email us your structured CV (including information on your qualifications, professional experience or practical training, etc.). Please indicate what job possition you are interested in. We will inform you about the appropriate job opportunities by phone or email. We mediate work in the Czech Republic, in the EU Member States; most often in Germany, Austria and Slovakia.

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